2021 Challenger


2021 Dodge Challenger

The 2021 Dodge Challenger reiterates its status as a low-profile wide-bodied muscle car. In a sense, it is what it always has been but with exciting new features that make it fit for a modern age. Over 50 years of production have given performance enthusiast STS throughout the decades a consistent cause for celebration. The vehicle has always been a top track performer, and an exciting adventure in aesthetic standards only met by a specific kind of classic vehicle. This year, Dodge brings you the timelessness of the challenger coupled with an all new set of features that make this vehicle a stand out on the roadways and on the racetrack.

Decades of Challenger Legacy

The Dodge Charger has long since been defined by its low set body and wide profile. You can customize the exterior, based on air intakes, front grills, headlights, and even wheels. Ultimately, the overall aesthetic of the Dodge Challenger remains true even over 50 years from its first model date. Defined wheelbases, narrow windows, and now you can even choose between the classic SHAKER hood giving it a vintage look.

Moby overall shape certainly defines the model, you can now customize your interior and exterior more than ever before. You can Select from a series of unique colors that only accentuate the challenger's performance, as well as select a bold interior based on color as well as seating type for that ultimate racing feel. Although the vehicles boasts high performance, the 2021 Challenger still has the most cubic feet of interior space in its class.

Advanced Technology and Safety

The classic model comes with a top range of infotainment and technology to help you stay connected and entertained while behind the wheel. The challenger features the brand's own you connect system, which utilizes Android Auto or Apple CarPlay with your compatible smartphone. The 8.4-inch touch screen located on the center console is fully customizable and is the largest available in its class. The vehicle also features hands-free calling and voice commands along with integrated navigation and can even act as a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Dodge Challenger goes above and beyond when it comes to your safety. The vehicle features a backup camera as well as automatic high beam headlights. Also available are a series of driver assist and monitoring systems that include blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and full speed forward collision warning.

Best-Yet Power and Capability

The Dodge Challenger not only comes available in several trims, but also with several available packages that make a difference on the road. These include variations on air intakes, visual enhancements, speed, and performance by the quarter mile. For the first time, a coupe vehicle can travel unknown territory with the first available all-wheel drive system found in the Dodge Challenger GT.

The Dodge Challenger also crosses a new milestone by becoming one of the highest horsepower vehicles available in mass production. The Dodge Challenger SRT super stock is powered base supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT V8 engine. This has a maximum output of 807 horsepower, which allows for amazing handling and outstanding turning and cornering power.

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