Good That Comes Around, Goes Back Around for Ram Truck Driving Hero

Some of you may remember Bryson Rowley, the Ram Truck driver who became a hero a while back. If you don't, Rowley was the man who used his truck as a barricade between a park full of playing children and a stolen car that was about to drive through the park.

Rowley was at the park with his wife, who caught the whole ordeal on camera, and his children. Rowley explained that he didn't think of the danger he was putting himself in, he was just angry that someone was putting his, and other people's, children in danger so he did what he felt he had to do.

Now, we hear that Rowley has gotten what he deserves through his community who got together to not only repair but upgrade his Ram 2500. Every day heroes and their Ram Truck side-kicks need someone to have their backs and we here at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and our service department are here for you. Whether it's an oil change, repair, or tune-up our experienced staff know how to help. You can stop by our dealership or make an appointment here for whatever your Ram is in need of.

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