Kansas City's top diesel repair facility sees rapid growth

It's hardly a coincidence that the area's fastest growing diesel repair facility is also one of the newest. The Victory Truck Center, on State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas, is rapidly becoming the place diesel owners trust to get their vehicles back on the road. The reason? The diesel team at Victory understands the two most important factors when it comes to truck maintenance and repair: Quality and Timeliness. The Quality aspect was quickly addressed when the Victory Diesel Team was assembled. They amassed the brightest minds, with the best work ethic and highest levels of training. This has allowed the team at Victory to get more work done, faster, and at a lower cost than most facilities can. The normal response when you call for diesel repairs of "can you bring it in next week?" rarely happens at Victory. Their goal is to get any vehicle in the shop for diagnostics within 24 hours. Unheard of in the world of diesel repairs. 

Their goal is to get every vehicle in the shop for diagnostics within 24 hours - for a priority appointment call one of the diesel specialists at 913-800-5366

 The timeliness factor is overcome with a true "Team" mentality. Successful teams achieve better results because there is a true belief that the ultimate goal is getting the job done right, and fast. The egos are checked at the door at Victory. They are a group that doesn't care who gets the credit for the repair, "just get the customer taken care of and get the truck back to making the owner money" tells Wendi Kendrick, Service Manager at Victory. This attitude, and understanding of what the vehicle being off the road means to the owner, is what has led to such rapid growth. "Every hour that truck is not on the road is literally costing the vehicle owner, and driver, money." Kendrick went on to say. She said she was very proud to say the team at Victory truly gets this.

Specializing in all types of Cummins diesel repair and maintenance (even Ram warranty), the Victory Diesel Team is located at 6640 State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas, 66102. For a priority appointment call one of the diesel specialists at 913-800-5366.

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