Gear Up for Another New Face on the Jeep Lineup

Change is inevitable, and it is ultimately necessary in life. If we do not change, we would never grow and never learn anything new. But change can be hard to swallow when it is a major overhaul to a familiar face, and we cannot help but harken back to the facelift given to the Jeep Cherokee. This new member of the family, the Jeep Renegade is something completely different.

The iconic grille and bold face proudly display family resemblance, but the aggressive exterior styling can be polarizing. What really sets it apart is its compact size, making this the perfect choice for the urban adventurer who wanders around the city and through the thickets of the wild on the weekends. Perhaps the most striking feature is the dual panel glass roof, which can ventilate the cabin like a sunroof or be removed completely.

Whenever it does surface, we will let you know first when to expect the Renegade around the streets of Kansas City, KS.

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