Suspension Service in Kansas City

Suspension Service Near Kansas City 

Suspension Service at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

As you're driving around Gladstone, Independence, or Overland Park, you probably don't think about your suspension system. It's working hard to provide a safe and stable ride for you and your passengers. You enjoy a smooth ride over the highway, not even noticing the bumps and holes because your suspension system is doing its job.

Your vehicle's suspension is made up of the struts, shocks, and axles that connect it to the wheels and body. These components work together to keep the vehicle stable by absorbing the bumps along the road. When you need your suspension repair, you can bring it to the service team at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

When Your Suspension Needs to be Repaired

Your suspension works hard to keep the vehicle under control as you travel over potholes and bumps in the road. It keeps the car stable for a more comfortable ride. With all the stress on the system, it's no wonder that the components wear out and need to be replaced. But, how do you know when your suspension needs checked or repaired? Here are some indications that your suspension needs to be serviced.

  • You have a bouncy ride. Your vehicle has more bounce with every bump or pothole. It may also bounce from side to side.
  • You hear strange sounds. When you hit a bump in the road, the vehicle makes a sound as the body bounces up and down.
  • It takes longer to stop. If your brakes have been inspected and are in good shape, it may be your suspension when stops take longer.
  • The vehicle leans when sitting still. If you notice that one side is lower than the other or the front or rear is lower, it may mean one side of the suspension needs to be repaired.

Driving can be more challenging with a worn suspension because it doesn't have as much control. When you stop, the front may nosedive. When you accelerate, the rear may drag. Oil or grease can leak out of the shocks, which indicates they need to be replaced.

The Suspension System Protects You

The suspension system provides a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers, but it also helps to protect everyone as well. It can take you longer to stop, which means you could end up in traffic and get hit.

With more bounce and less stability, you're at a higher risk for a rollover if you crash. High winds can also cause you to lose control and roll. The service technicians will check the steering, tires, and wheels during suspension service. These systems are connected to your suspension and may also need repairs or replacement if you're having issues.

If you have noticed any of the signs of suspension trouble, you should schedule service for your vehicle at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. Make an appointment online or give us a call to have us take a look at your suspension system before more serious problems occur with your vehicle.